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Wide range of full-spectrum hemp oil extract to make the best of cannabinoids

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Company overview

Hello, guys! Today, I wanna write my Elixinol review. I think that the majority have heard about this reputable seed-to-sale company. They manufacture a lot of CBD products that are so popular nowadays. They sell oil tinctures, capsules, liposomes, pens, lip balms, dog treats, and other stuff with cannabidiol.

The quality of stuff offered by the company is really high. They grow organic hemp with the best cultivators in the US, Colorado, and on some farms in Europe. The products available on the website don’t get you high.

They are thoroughly tested in laboratories and have batches. It means that customers can easily check the quality of the purchased items and make sure that all the products are safe to use.

Elixinol cooperates with medical professionals to guarantee product innovation, safety, and high quality of products without GMOs.

You can purchase not only Elixinol CBD oil and drops but know more about the industry, history of the brand and find answers on numerous questions concerning full spectrum CBD on their website.

Products and Prices

It is really hard to find at least one negative Elixinol CBD oil review. Products manufactured by the company are a great source of nutrients and are absolutely safe to take. Even older people, kids, and pets can consume some stuff with cannabidiol. Want to buy full spectrum cannabidiol oil? You are in the right place. The most popular products are :

CBD Oil Tincture

Probably the most popular item on the website is an oil tincture. The price per 300 mg CBD oil is $29.99. Want to buy a 3600 CBD bottle? Be ready to pay $249.99.

The product comes in Cinnamint and Natural flavors. An item contains no harmful toxic chemicals. The hemp oil includes terpenes, flavonoids, and various cannabinoids that guarantee an entourage effect.

A bottle with tinctures has an easy to use a dropper and will be a great choice for those who wish to get a quick effect. I’ve decided to purchase this item and can share my Elixinol 3600 review in “My experience and favorite product” section.

CBD capsules

Elixinol CBD capsules come in bottles of 30 or 60. A bottle with 30 capsules costs $44.99, the bigger one with 60 capsules is $79.99. So, you see, the more you buy, the less you’ll spend.

Pay attention that capsules vary in strength. There are regular ones, containing 15 mg of CBD per capsule and Extra-strength with 45 mg per capsule.

The hemp extract used in this product is non-synthetic and pure thanks to the special method of extraction. Clients can feel numerous benefits of terpenes and cannabinoids taking full-spectrum hemp oil extract .

If you decide to purchase this item, leave your own Elixinol hemp oil capsules review to tell about the positive effect of the product. I haven’t tested capsules yet, but I’m going to buy them someday.

Respira Tinctures

One more product worth giving a try is Elixinol respira hemp oil. The 15 ml bottle contains 300 mg of CBD and costs $39.99. The 30 ml bottle includes 600 mg CBD and is $74.99.

Respira tinctures come in two flavors: grape mint and natural. This product can be used in multiple ways, orally or added into food.

Respira tinctures are safe to use, vegan, contain no harmful additives, and can be used even by kids. The product is not psychoactive and kosher.

I’ve found a lot of Elixinol respira reviews online, and almost all of them were positive, so I’ve decided to check this product too.

CBD Liposomes

If you want your body to absorb cannabinoids really fast, think about purchasing liposomes. The serving size is five pumps.

There are around 60 servings per bottle. 300 mg bottle costs $59.99, and 1000 mg one is $129.99. The product contains 100% fruit and herb extracts and has no bitter taste.

Liposomes are convenient and safe to use. Unfortunately, I can’t give you my Elixinol 300 review, cause I haven’t tried their liposomes.

Popular Flavors

You know, as a rule, CBD products come in various flavors, and it is great! You can taste the apple, orange, mint, cinnamon, strawberry, and other flavors.

Elixinol has probably decided to impress us by the highest product quality, but not the taste. The choice of flavors is really limited.

CBD capsules have natural or grape mint flavors; organic balance tincture goes only with the natural flavor; oil tinctures - cinnamint or natural; CBD liposomes have a citrus flavor.


You have probably read numerous Elixinol CBD reviews where customers told about the super effect of their products.

Yes, they really help people to get rid of pain, to forget about insomnia and anxiety and to relax after the hard working day, but products containing cannabidiol don’t treat or prevent any diseases. You can read it under every product that can be bought on the website.

I’ve tested some products manufactured by the company, and I want to tell you that they helped me to get rid of the headache and knee trouble. So, I can say that these products are effective and I’ll buy them again.

My Experience and Favorite Product

I had a small taste of products a company offers to the clients, but I’m ready to leave my Elixinol respira CBD oil review.

I’ve heard a lot about it from my friends and decided to give it a try. I bought the one with the grape-mint flavor, and I really liked the taste.

I took a few drops under my tongue before going to sleep, and you know, I have never had such sweet dreams. I’ve mentioned that it was hard for me to fall asleep, but after taking these oil for just a couple of days, I slept really well.

I also want to leave my short Elixinol hemp oil drops review. I’ve bought a big bottle with 3600 mg CBD, cinnamint flavor. The taste was really pleasant. I took half of the dropper twice a day, and I’ve mentioned that it made me more peaceful.

I liked that the company provides free shipping to US orders, so it is one more reason to order some of their products.

Online Reputation

You know, before buying this or that product, I always check the reputation of the service. I want to know what others think about it.

So, before choosing some items from the website, I searched for some Elixinol reviews online. I’ve found some reviews online, and they were positive.

I decided to find at least one Elixinol review Reddit. There were some articles about the company that is a giant on the hemp market. If you read about the history of the brand and its founder, you will be really impressed.

Paul Benhaim has been working with hemp since the beginning of the nineties. His aim was to create high-quality cannabidiol products for the wide use, and it seems that his plans worked. Elixinol is a well-known company not only in the US but worldwide.

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Lab Reports

Elixinol is a reputable company that never rushes products to the market without thorough testing. It is said on their website that they try to find the most effective formulas and blends.

To guarantee the superb quality to clients, the company has its own farms where they grow hemp, so they are 100% confident that hemp used in capsules, dog treats, and other stuff is organic and safe.

All items that can be bought from their online store undergo numerous tests in the leading laboratories with the use of advanced equipment. You always know what you receive every time you buy something from the store. There is a batch on every product. You can have a look at all certificates of analysis on the website.

You will find a batch test for the product after entering the lot number in the special search box that can be found on the website. Clients can read the lot number on the product container.

Final Word

I think it’s high time to sum up my Elixinol CBD review. The brand name is well-known not only in the US but in other countries. The company sells high-quality CBD products and guarantees the safety of their use.

I’ve bought some stuff from the online store, and the delivery was really fast. If to compare the prices with other online stores, they are quite reasonable. The only thing that I didn’t like is a small choice of flavors.

I think it will be great if a company provides oils, drops, and capsules with diverse tastes. I think that in such a way, they will attract more clients who buy CBD products not only because of the effect but their superb flavor.

Free shipping, loyal prices, high quality, what else do you need? I’ll buy some more products from the store. It will be great if they expand their assortment and start selling some gummies too.

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